Event Marketing Goals and OKR Examples

January 24, 2022
event thrown by event marketing team to meat their okrs

Event marketing is responsible for driving new customer acquisition, customer engagement, and drive brand awareness. They do so by hosting in-person or online events, participating in industry events, and more. Setting thorough event marketing goals is essential for creating a high-performing calendar of events.

What are good event marketing goals?

As you set up your event marketing goals it’s great to build them around initiatives such as:

  • Drive new revenue and pipeline through event prospecting
  • Increase brand awareness and thought leadership speaking opportunities
  • Creating an engaged customer base
  • Driving event engagement

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Event Marketing OKR and Goals Examples

Event Marketing OKRs and Goals for Event Engagement

Objective: Drive record ROI from marketing event

Key Results: 

  • Scan 1,200 badges during event
  • Book 10 on-site sales meetings during event
  • Generate 370K in sales pipeline from event in Q2
  • Achieve 13% post-show engagement from attendees 

Event Marketing Goals and OKRs for Customer Events

Objective: Triple revenue gained from this years’ annual customer meeting

Key Results: 

  • Drive 2,400 customer registrations
  • Book 260 on-site sales meetings during event
  • Generate $1M in expansion pipeline in Q3
  • Run 800 live demos for new product 

Event Marketing OKRs for Industry Events

Objective: Complete a successful industry conference this quarter

Key Results: 

  • Drive 95 attendees or 100% occupancy for sponsored workshop
  • Generate event awareness through 100+ #hashtag mentions
  • Capture 420 Enterprise MQLs from conference
  • Coordinate 3 separate off-site dinners for sales with customers

Final Thoughts: Event Marketing OKR Examples

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