Product Marketing Goals and OKR Examples

September 11, 2023
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Product marketing (or PMM) is responsible for the product roadmap, communication of features and product messaging, and evangelizing the product to drive revenue and brand awareness. As a channel, product marketing shoulders the responsibility of overall product messaging and sales enablement. Setting good product marketing goals is essential for meeting revenue and pipeline goals.

What are good product marketing goals?

As you set up your product marketing goals it’s great to build them around initiatives such as:

  • Product led growth
  • Monthly and daily active users
  • Customer evangelism
  • Product messaging

Product Marketing Goals Examples

Product Marketing Goals and OKRs for Brand Awareness

Objective: Continue To Launch Meaningful Product Noise

Key Results: 

  • Support 10 Voice-of-the-Customer sessions to validate messaging with customers
  • Support delivering the “Company Name” story to field with 100% of GTM roles certified
  • Bolster our ROI messaging to increase first meetings generated from our pricing page from 120 to 165

Product Marketing Goals for Pipeline

Objective: Drive Value Proposition Oriented Stories

Key Results: 

  • Deliver two premium content assets that drive 200 new SQLs
  • Support 6 growth programs that generate 200 net SQLs
  • Drive 2 partner webinars that drive 150 net new SQLs
  • Deliver 2 new competitive landing pages that convert 45 first meetings
  • Deliver 6 blogs per month, with 60% of blogs focused on value proposition no. 1 topics to drive blog subscribers from 200 to 500

Product Marketing Goals for Sales Enablement

Objective: Build a Meaningful and Collaborative Content Strategy

Key Results: 

  • Bring product feature no. 1 stories to market with 10 customers adopting the new functionality
  • Complete 2 customer adoption webinar per month with an average of 50 attendees

Objective: Build the Enablement Machine

Key Results:

  • Implement a coaching culture through with 100% of reps receiving at least one coaching session by end of quarter
  • Hit 100% completion and certification of new product demo. Includes all Reps and PMM team
  • Build 3 new trainings modules with 100% sales rep completion
  • Ensure all Gladly content is easy to find and readily accessible with 100% adoption across team

Objective: Stand on Shoulders of Giants

Key Results:

  1. Launch 2 new podcasts with 200 total downloads
  2. Plan and execute 10 strategic customer sessions at customer forum with average feedback score of 4/5
  3. Launch 4 customer video testimonials and 4 new customer landing pages increasing customer page traffic by 5%
  4. Get 4 new customers publicly reference-able and participating in at least 1 program/content

Product Marketing Goals and OKRs for Product-Led Growth

Objective: Build a World-Class Brand Through Adoption of Our Product

Key Results: 

  • Increase daily active users from 10k to 16k
  • Drive $5M in pipeline from freemium users
  • Increase product hand-raisers from 100 to 350 per month through CTA testing

Final Thoughts: Product Marketing Goals and OKR Examples

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Ronny Cheng

By Ronny Cheng

Ronny Cheng is a digital marketing consultant helps businesses of all sizes build high-performing digital marketing strategies that drive revenue.

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